Can I Sell My House With This Much Junk?

The answer is YES!

You can sell your house in any condition. Whether your house is filled with trash or over run by animals it doesn’t matter. There are buyers for every situation and every condition.
All too often family members inherit houses from a relative who had a ton of junk, trash, garbage, rubbish, or whatever you want to call it. They then chose to sell the house or sometimes decide to live in the house and compile more and more junk. Once it comes times to sell or move on from the property the owner feels completely overwhelmed because who the heck would want to buy a house full of junk. Home owners who live in properties like this think they don’t have any option but to spend money to clean out the house or to continue owning the house. buys properties in any condition and in any situation.
The process is easy. Your house is full of stuff you don’t want. You call our company 267-719-3215 and we assess the value of your house and give you a fair all cash offer. You simply take the items you want and leave every single item you don’t want.
We’ve encountered every situation and nothing has stopped us from buying a house to this date. Last year, we bought a house from a guy who inherited his fathers house. He lived in this house when he was a kid and then moved back in once his father passed away. In that house was over 60 years of their stuff. 90% of it was crap no one would want. Not even the owner wanted this stuff, but the burden of cleaning and emptying the house was too much. Just the thought of starting the process to clean the house was in his words “insurmountable”. After a google search he found us and two weeks later he had sold the house to us and was moving out with literally just 2 suitcases and 4 boxes. We came in with 6 dumpsters and cleared out the house and started our work to fix it up.
This owner had told us that he’s been wanting to sell the house for close to 10 years but never thought it was an option because of all the trash and garbage that was littered throughout the house.
If you are wondering can I sell my house in bad condition? The answer is with out a doubt YES!! Email or call We Just Buy Houses today.
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