How Long Does it Take to Settle?

Once we sign the contract to sell our house how long does it take?- We can start at the beginning for this so you know the process and the steps involved. Upon signing the agreement of sale We Just Buy Houses immediately sends the contract to our title company in Huntingdon Valley and they begin their title search. The title search is basically a detailed history on your property. The title company needs to determine exactly how much is owed on your property. This is vitally important because no one will buy a property when there’s a possibility you owe way more than the actual value of the house. Or even worse, there is an unpaid debt from before you took ownership. This all needs to be figured out before settlement can occur. The title company needs to figure out the amount of all the debts (mortgage, taxes, municipal bills) linked to the property and the owners. This process can vary in time between 7-30 days. If a property is encumbered with different debts, finding out the “payoff” amounts can slow things down. That’s why it is important to know what you owe on your property during the sale process. Once the title company has all the debt amounts figured out they will give the go ahead to proceed with closing. Normally, if someone wants to sell fast and the property is free of liens and complex debts, We Just Buy Houses can close in a week. One other item to make sure about is how the company purchasing your house is financing the deal. Is the buyer using cash or will they be obtaining bank financing. Cash is king as they say, and in this case it’s very important. If a buyer is obtaining bank financing the time period from signing the agreement of sale until closing takes even longer. In this situation, you are looking at a minimum of a 30 day close. As a seller, if your goal is to close quickly try to have your affairs in order. Gather your loan statements, sewer bills, water bills, and have 2 forms of identification. If your license is expired, then renew it. If the situation with your house is time sensitive you’ll want to do everything in your power to sell quickly. If you need help with those items, we’re only a phone call away.

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