How To Value A Real Estate Note For PA Note Buyers And Sellers

Understanding the importance and meaning of a real estate note is essential to fulfilling your promise. Real estate notes, also known as a mortgage note, serve as a written promise that you will pay back a certain amount within a specific time. Throughout the years, it has become trendy to invest in real estate notes. 

Nevertheless, many real estate brokers question how much a real estate note is worth and how much they can sell it for. People often get confused when figuring out how much they are worth in a specific area. Even though it is not clear, we tell you some of the ways you can learn about real estate notes’ value. 

The Value Of A Real Estate Note In Bucks, Montgomery And The Philadelphia County

There are several ways a real estate note buyer can discover real estate notes’ value. Some of them are as follows:

Down payment

The percentage of a down payment is a critical factor in determining a note’s value. The higher the down payment, the less risky an investment is—down costs with a 20% or more increase in value. 

Performing and Non-Performing

Performing notes are paid by the borrower, while a non-performing note means it is not receiving any payments at all. 

Payment history 

If the borrower makes payments on time, and depending on their payment method, it can determine and affect a note’s value. 


The equity of a note, either partially or fully, can also determine its value. 

Interest rate

Interest rates play an important role in determining the value of a real estate note. For instance, if the interest rate is low, you should expect to get less for the note. 

Ideal interest rates should be between 7.5% and 12%. Keep in mind that if a note exceeds the maximum interest rate, it loses its worth. 


Short-term notes are worth more than long-term notes. Shorter notes are faster to gain back, which makes them ideal for investors. 

Types of Real Estate Notes

Different types of real estate notes offer various purposes. Determining which one to choose can be challenging for real estate note buyers if they don’t know the difference between them. 

Above Average Notes

  • First position notes
  • Excellent payment history
  • With a credit score of 700 or higher
  • High down payment

Notes that do not meet the description above are classified as average notes. These notes typically have a bad payment history and scores lower than 700. 

As you can see, different factors can determine the value of a real estate note, more specifically, a real estate note for Pennsylvania note buyers and sellers. In some cases, the location also plays an important role. 

Properties are always located in different areas, which means that the market value can be higher or lower than in other areas. For instance, if your property is located in a priced higher place, your real estate note will also be higher, and vice versa. 

Value And Price Of A Note

Many real estate note brokers tend to get confused with the pricing of a real estate note. The value is not the same as the actual price of a note. Therefore, it is essential to highlight that the price of a real estate note reflects the purchase price and the value you will get out of the note once you have invested in it. 

How To Sell My Real Estate Note Fast

The first step to preparing for a future sale is gathering as much information as possible about your real estate note. This includes its position and whether it is performing or not. Secondly, you must provide this information to a mortgage note purchasing company to get a quote. Then, you will have to examine the quote before submitting a contract. After you have submitted it, the company will review it for closing. 

Real Estate Notes

Real estate notes are a great option to keep track of the terms of your loan. They also act as a liquidated asset, which is a significant advantage for any type of situation. Real estate note buyers should have a deep understanding of real estate notes, how they work, and how to best manage them before purchasing one. 

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