Wish To Take Your Home Off The Market And Sell It Privately?

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When it comes to buying a house, everyone knows a few options to choose from; however, the stress is inevitable. Although some may say that looking for an agent might be more comfortable, paying for those extra fees and commissions is unavoidable. Believe it or not, sometimes the best idea is to take your property off the market to get better and faster results.

Selling Your Property Privately 

Homeowners who decide to sell their properties privately have complete control over the selling process by cutting out intermediaries. Here we tell you the most common situations when properties are commonly sold this way. 

What Managing A Private Sale Entails 

  • Selling Time Frame

If you find yourself under pressure, selling privately is a faster way to ensure that your house will be sold during the timeframe you expect. 

  • Repairs 

A private sale is a great option to avoid repairs and renovations that your property may need. It is also an excellent way to save money in the process. 

  • Doing Upgrades

Doing a house update is usually advisable to increase your property’s value and get a better price on the market. This is not the case with private sales since there is no need for you to do them. 

  • Out of Town Ownership

This type of situation happens when someone owns a house but is not currently living in the same area or country, making the selling experience more difficult and challenging by dealing with it long distance. 

  • No Required Inspections

Inspections will always take time and cost a lot of money, but you don’t need to worry about them with a private sale.

  • New Job Transfer

When you have to leave to another location because you received a job offer, selling it privately can cause you less stress and can even help speed up the process. 

  • Personal Circumstances

Divorce, death in the family, job loss, or any of these situations apply under personal circumstances. If you face these situations, you will want to sell your house fast and without any complications that may delay the process.

Advantages Of Selling Privately 

Cost Savings

When you sell your home privately, you do not have to pay for extra fees and commissions as you would when working with a realtor. Commissions are less and can vary; it is often a percentage of the sale price, a flat fee, a service fee, or a combination of these. 

Availability Of Resources

The experience of a private sale is a lot easier and with better results, because you have the option to reserve multiple listing services, signs, and real estate professionals that can help with the sale.


The overall experience is more comfortable and quicker. When you need the funds quickly and need to move faster for personal reasons, this is the best option for you. A private sale also reduces the risk of the deal falling through. 

Sell As-Is

Selling your home privately has a significant advantage. You don’t need to repair or renovate your property. This option allows you to sell your property as-is and helps you save that extra money. 

Disadvantages Of A Private Sale

Low Purchase Offer

You can expect to receive up to 60-80% of your home’s market value in exchange for a faster process. This is mainly because you are being offered a quicker sale in this type of situation and because they are purchasing your property as-is, meaning it may not be in the best conditions. 

The Sale Is Still Not Guaranteed

A disadvantage of selling your property privately is that even though you are promised a fast closing and an all-cash transaction, there is no guarantee that everything will go as planned. There is always the risk of the deal falling apart before it’s closed.  

There are many reasons why people decide to sell a house privately. In most cases, they struggle to sell the home on the market, and they want to do it quickly. When a home has several damages, this is the best option because they avoid repairs and renovations. 

In the end, selling it privately is a more comfortable and faster way to sell a home, and when you are dealing with a strict deadline, this is indeed the best option. 

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