Old house

The selling of a home can be a challenging and lengthy process. Selling a hoarder house is even more difficult. Homeowners planning to sell their homes look for ways to improve their home’s overall appearance, either by cleaning, renovating, or upgrading it to add more value and attract potential buyers faster. However, doing this with a hoarder home is ten times more time consuming. 

The issue with hoarder houses is that their owners feel a need to hold on to belongings they don’t even need. Their inability to get rid of them makes their homes a complete mess and disorganized, making the selling process even more challenging. 

Challenges of Owning A Hoarder House 

Owning a hoarder house comes with many challenges that have the potential of turning down your plans to sell it. Many homeowners ask themselves, “Should I try and sell my house? Is it even possible?” The truth is that everything is complicated when it comes to hoarder houses. Still, if you work beforehand and plan accordingly to provide buyers what they expect, it can become possible. 

One of the main reasons why hoarder houses are so complicated is that they usually spend years and years without any maintenance or cleaning services. Therefore, you can expect them to require more than just a basic cleaning service. Most owners have to deal with these problems when preparing their houses to be placed on the market. 

  • Structural problems
  • Extreme cleaning service 
  • Strong Odors 
  • Dead animals
  • Collapsing walls and deteriorating floors

Cleaning Service

The costs associated with an extreme cleaning service is also another challenge for many. The type of cleaning depends on the extent of the damage and how much clutter your house has. Having too much clutter can delay the entire cleaning process and be more expensive. 

The hardest part for anyone dealing with a hoarder house is that just because you successfully cleaned and removed all the clutter does not necessarily mean that the house will be ready to sell. Several home repairs may be waiting for you. There is a lot of uncertainty throughout this process since you will not know for sure what you are dealing with until everything has been removed and cleaned up. 

Lastly, keep in mind that cleaning can be extended to a home’s exteriors, depending on the clutter and damage the home possesses. There is no need to say that selling a hoarder house might be more expensive than selling a regular home since it requires extra maintenance, time, and work for it to be ready. 

Sell Your Hoarder House Fast 

Selling your hoarder house fast in Philadelphia might not be possible if you sell it the traditional way. The truth is that real estate agents are not willing to do the work that needs to be done to clean and fix an entire home before selling it. Hoarder houses are a whole project that takes time and money and can result in endless stress and complications. 

We Just Buy Houses Is Your Solution

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Sell your hoarder house fast with We just buy houses. No need for cleaning or maintenance services; even if you have clutter, we will still buy your home with a great deal. We don’t care how dirty or how many repairs your house may need; we cover them all. Our goal is to make an offer on your home to help you save time and money. 

With our years of experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, its trends, and how it works. Therefore, we know how difficult it can be to list a property and not hearing back from potential buyers. 

We want to help you avoid this undesirable situation. Listing a property on the market means paying for several costs, which can become more expensive the longer you wait for a potential buyer to buy your house. 

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